You can help support Grex by shopping at the Grex Store, or by making membership or other donations through the Grex Store. All profits go toward maintaining and improving Grex services.

Grex Memberships

The best way to support Grex is to become a member of Cyberspace Communications. Cyberspace Communications is a tax-exempt, non-profit, volunteer-staffed, member-run organization that does nothing except maintain and improve the Grex computer system. By becoming a member, you not only support our mission to provide free access to internet services and open discussion forums, but you gain a real voice in planning Grex's future.

Grex memberships cost only US$2 per month, or US$18 per year.

Other Donations

All donations to Grex are tax-deductable! You can make donations in any amount through the Grex store.

Grex Wizard in Training handbook

A 32-page introductory handbook for using Grex. Costs two bucks.