[IMG: TCrBF banner, by SJ]


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TCrBF media appearances etc.

Selected images from 2017...

[IMG: post-TCrBF article in Pruul magazine]

Above: A post-festival write-up in Estonia's Pruul magazine.

Below: Their pre-festival write-up, and 'action shots' from other (mostly local) media.

[IMG: article in Pruul magazine] [IMG: raising a toast... Short live the beers]
[IMG: some of the drinkies on offer]

Selected images from earlier Tallinn Crap Beer Festivals...

[IMG: a post on the official TCBW Facebook page] [IMG: a photo found online]
IMG: a photo found on Facebook [IMG: from coverage from Sweden]
[IMG: Delfi accidentally being almost as wrong as the TCrBW organisers sometimes are]

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