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Intoxative summary

The Tallinn Crap Beer Festival has traditionally appeared near the thirsty queue for the Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend on Saturday afternoon.



[IMG: Prosenttimies logo] You might think that the whole idea of TCrBF is nonsense - and you may be right. It might be a refreshing oasis for the stomach or beer scene, or it might be just a mirage. Either way, you blink and then it's gone.

As with everything in life, there are two sides to every story, and that includes beer. TCrBF is that other side. TCrBF is those memories about beer that you've forgotten you even had. TCrBF is the wide-eyed view of the world that was accepting of all, without prejudice. TCrBF is you.

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...A Crap photo gallery

Some photos and media nonsense can be found thisaway ->

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...The previous festival

The archived updates on TCrBF2017 are thataway ->


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TCrBF 2018 updates

5 March 2018

Our menagerie has now been joined by fluffy little animals inhumanely captured for us in China.
Will they be torn to shreds by the heavier beasts? We'll have to wait and see what kind of teeth they have.

Either way, lack of quality is guaranteed.

Key words: WalMart China client brewery

Great Value Great Value Great Value


30 January 2018

The trampede stampede has begun, with big game from far and near.
This includes a bear from Romania and a relatively local muscular bovine that appears eager to trample us. We may even have a species from Bulgaria.

It's entirely possible that some of these wild animals will escape from their cages before TCrBF.
We can already hear them rattling the bars.


20 November 2017, 10am

It's open season on Crap Beer: HUNTING SEASON has begun...

[IMG: Thirst Prize]

[IMG: Worst Prize] Keep your eyes peeled, and join us on the bottom shelves!
Oh, what wonders horrors are waiting in the underbrush!!!1

Can you bag a prize can/bottle for TCrBF 2018?

It could win BEaST IN SHOW for the 7th annual Tallinn Crap Beer Festival!


14 November 2017

We are pleased to report a rumoured date and time for the potentially g(l)orious Tallinn Crap Beer Festival 2018:

5.5.2018, the first Saturday of the beery, beery month of May.

TCrBF 2018 ostensibly will begin sometime before 1600.

The rumour also refers to Kultuurikatel, a venue we liked so much last year that we're not surprised that we'll allegedly return there.

We've already had enquiries from at least one bottle-hoarding crap fan overseas. You too can start catching the boost now, in preparation for joining the fun at our PETting zoo!

And, just as eclipse-chasers have their eclipse glasses ready in advance, make sure your beer goggles are all set to go!


26 September 2017

We are now accepting ideas (themes, beers, etc.) and donations (of themes, beers, etc.) for the 2018 festival.

After what happened last time, we suggest not pouring crap beer directly into your browser window.

The best approach is to e-mail the organising team at the address tcrbf at the domain (the grex... bit) in your browser's URL bar.

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Older updates

Archived updates from the 2017 festival can be found here...



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