Sterling and MJ Voth

Fulltime RV'er currently in Baton Rouge at friend's home.

Interests: Atheism, Dogs, Music, Travel, Motorcycles and Scooters, Jet Skis.
           Also nature and Science and anything pertaining to the environment.  
           Healthy Food and natural healing, peace, global warming, 

We take a strong interests in liberal politics and world affairs as well as history.

Currently in Baton Rouge, La. at friend's house.    Cudos to President Obama and the Democrats and sympathetic 
Republicans for 
passing health reform.   Now the fight against the "party of no" to keep it until it goes into full effect in about 3 
years.    Don't forget that it will be a continual fight against the Republicans as if they regain power their sole goal 
is to repeal all fo the progress we have made.  Now we need a "Public Option" added to the system.  Keep up the pressure 
on Congress to do the right thing.  

Keeping fingers crossed that the relief wells work by middle of August.  

Ecstatic that at least for now judge has overturned Arizona's unconstitutional and racist "show me your paper" law.  The 
fight continues to keep such hateful legislation off the books around the country.  

Shame on you Arizona for passing poor immigration enforcement laws.  We understand the frustration and desire to get 
immigration under control, but what you passed was written by racists (google or twitter this law) and is carbon copy of 
Nazi methods requiring identification for Jews to move about in their own country.  The law cannot be separated from 
abuse because by it's very nature it "invites" abuse.  Arizona turned down the attempt by Congress to require national 
id cards in 2007 on privacy issues and keeping govt. out of our lives and now mysteriously seems to be okay with it as 
long as the targets are Hispanics.   Un-American and cannot be tolerated in this great country.   Smacks strongly of Jim 
Crow and the south which having grown up in the south is abundantly clear the "thinly disguised racism" of this new law.  

Arizona is a beautiful state with wonderful people that should not be taken over by hateful legislation which only seeks 
to divide it's citizens.   

More to come later.  

Join Israeli Military personnel and Israeli and  world citizens to stop Israeli Aggression.   Free the Palestinians   Please add your name to the list.

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in 
you. --Pericles (430 B.C.)