Trouble Connecting to Grex

You came to this page because you cannot get connect to Grex. there are a number of reasons that this can happen.

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Your SSH Client

In order to make a ssh connection to Grex, you need an ssh client. It is likely that you already have one, because most modern systems come with one built in.

There are several cases to consider, depending on what kind of machine and connection you are using:

If Your Browser Cannot ssh

This occurs when your browser has not been configured to know where your ssh client is located. To correct this, you must configure your browser. There is a slightly different way to do this for each different browser. Generally, there is a way to assign ssh connections to an application. Assign ssh connections to your ssh client. If you do not know what your ssh client is, then you should read the previous section of this page.

Once you have selected a good ssh client program to be your browser's ssh application, your browser should not have any further trouble following ssh links.

If You Cannot Connect to Grex

There are a number of reasons why this might be happening:

If You Are Having Some Other Problem With Telnet

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